Privacy Policy

The Limburgish Academy Foundation (Stiechting Limbörgse Academie) is committed to safeguarding your privacy and ensuring that personal data is handled with care in accordance with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (AVG) and the Dutch Uitvoeringswet Algemene Verordening Gegevensbescherming (‘GDPR Implementation Act’) (UAVG). In this privacy statement we explain how we guarantee your rights under the GDPR and the UAVG.

Contact details of the controller

Limburgish Academy
Chamber of Commerce registration number: 14094061
On request we will provide you with a regular mailing address.

Purpose of the collection of personal data

For the Limburgish Corpus Dictionary project we collect personal data necessary to carry out this project. A lot of personal data is extra information (‘metadata’), which is added to texts in Limburgish. This helps us to better analyze texts with statistical methods in order to investigate language use.

On what basis does the Limburgish Academy process personal data?

The Limburgish Academy only processes personal data if there is a lawful basis. We only collect the minimum personal data that is necessary to carry out our project, based on current scientific guidelines. These personal data are processed for the following purposes:

  • to collect relevant data for (specific) scientific research;
  • to communicate with you by sending electronic newsletters, e-mails and/or regular mail;
  • to answer your questions via social media, e-mail, by regular mail or by telephone;
  • because you give permission for it.


If the Limburgish Academy processes personal data on the basis of your consent, you always have the right to withdraw your consent. You can contact us for this via the contact details stated at the top of this privacy statement.

What kinds of personal data does the Limburgish Academy record?

We only record ‘normal personal data’. These are biographical details such as name, gender, date of birth, place of birth, country of birth, dialect location of the written language used and place of primary school. We also collect contact details such as address, place of residence, (mobile) telephone number, website and email.

What does the Limburgish Academy use or process personal data for?

The biographical part of the personal data is further used for scientific research. These biographical data are added to texts by authors in order to gain better insight into language use based on statistical connections. The contact details part of the personal data is used by collaborators of the Limburgish Academy to maintain contact with authors or copyright holder (s).

Security of personal data

The Limburgish Academy protects all personal data to prevent misuse and unauthorized access to personal data. We have taken the following measures to ensure protection:

  • security according to current data privacy software;
  • storage of data in Microsoft 065 environments according to Microsoft data security and privacy protocols;
  • pseudonymisation and/or encryption if there is a reason to do so;
  • processors and collaborators who have access to our databases are contractually bound to ensure protection and secrecy;
  • regular testing and evaluation of our security measures.


Retention period for personal data

In principle, personal data is not kept longer than strictly necessary for the realization of the purpose for which it is collected. This is especially true for the contact details. In cases where there is scientific research or statistical purposes, personal data can be stored for a longer period in accordance with the GDPR. This is particularly the case for the biographical data. In accordance with the GDPR, the Limburgish Academy will take appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect your rights.

Provision regarding third parties

Only if there is a legal basis for this, as referred to in Article 6 GDPR, the Limburgish Academy could provide your personal data to third parties. When the Limburgish Academy provides your data to a third party, it guarantees your privacy rights by, amongst others, entering into a processing agreement in which arrangements are made on how to handle your personal data.

Exercise of your privacy rights

You can submit a request to the Limburgish Academy to exercise the following rights:

  • access to your personal data;
  • rectification of and/or addition to your personal data;
  • deletion of your personal data;
  • limiting the processing of your personal data;
  • data portability;
  • objection.


If your personal data are processed with a view to, amongst others, scientific research or statistical purposes, the UAVG sets restrictions on, amongst others, your right of access, rectification, restriction of processing and right to object. In addition, for the Limburgish Academy, the obligation to report to those involved does not automatically apply in this context.

Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens

If you have a complaint about how the Limburgish Academy processes your personal data, together with you we will gladly look for a solution. If you are not satisfied with the solution offered, you have the right under the GDPR to file a complaint with the Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens (‘Dutch Data Protection Authority’).

Accessibility privacy statement

This privacy statement will be accessible via our website and on request via the contact details above.

Changes to this privacy statement

This privacy statement can be changed. Changes will always be in accordance with the GDPR, the GDPR Implementation Act UAVG and the resulting privacy rules. These changes will always be published on our website.


The Limburgish Academy can use cookies insofar as these are necessary for the functioning of the website and to view the quality or effectiveness of the website.

Entry into force

This version of the privacy statement of the Limburgish Academy entered into force on May 15, 2020.