Limburgish Keyboard

noun (countable) /ˈlɪmˌbɜː(r)ɡɪʃ kiˈbɔrd/


predictive language module on the Microsoft Swiftkey keyboard to support the use of all Limburgish dialects on mobile applications similar to other languages

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What is it?

The Limburgish keyboard is free and works on mobile applications (only Android). You can use this to type faster and easier in your Limburgish for text-messages, e-mails, WhatsApp, Facebook, etc. Swiftkey includes emoji linked to Limburgish words and stickers.

What does it do?

You can type your dialect with the Limburgish keyboard, be it Assers, Echts, Genks, Maastrichts, Maaseiks, Weerts or Sittards. Swiftkey learns from you and offers you your spelling, dialect and word combinations.

Usage tips

Apostrophes (’) and accents are automatically added. Type a word without an apostrophe and then a space, such as: typ for ’t: t space. This is also the case for ’ch ’m ’n ’ne ’nen ’ns ’r ’re ’ren ’rs ’t. typ  for dn: dn space. This is also the case for d’ch d’n d’ne d’nen dr gr mch mn mne mnen vr zch. typ for väöl: vaol space. This is also the case for words with characters with these diacritics è ö ó.

Media attention for the Limburgish keyboard

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