About Us

The Limburgish Academy Foundation (Stiechting Limbörgse Academie) is a nonprofit organization established in the beginning of 2007. The aim of the Foundation is to make the Limburgish language accessible to both linguistic researchers and the wider general public, and consequently to contribute to the preservation and further development of Limburgish. Dr Yuri Michielsen-Tallman, LLM (Harvard), PhD (Maastricht) and Mr Stuart LaRosa, MA (UC Santa Cruz) are the founders of the Foundation, which is based in Mestreech (Maastricht), Limburg, the Netherlands. Our Limburgish language project is part of the ibiblio network of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

The Foundation has established an Academic Advisory Board, consisting of distinguished linguists who perform an advisory role and who promote various aspects of our work. We are honoured that Professor Orrin W. Robinson (Stanford University), Professor John McWhorter (Manhattan Institute, New York) and Associate Professor Michiel de Vaan (Leiden University) have graciously accepted membership on the Academic Advisory Board.

The Academy also cooperates with supporters in Limburg. First of all, Limburgish companies are invited to join our Seipgens Council. Their donations and sponsorship provide an invaluable financial contribution to this project, as well as active links to the community. In addition, a large group of volunteers assists with scouring all available written resources, including internet sources, for Limburgish words, quotes and expressions. The material gathered in this way is used to create Limburgish dictionaries from and to English and Dutch. In addition, an open source has been created for the compilation of a Limburgish word list, thereby enabling the participation of a wide group of contributors in this project. Editors ensure that all words on the list are spelled in accordance with the official Limburgish orthography of 2003.

The Academy is also in charge of the open source compilation of all written Limburgish sources, including literature, such as novels and poems, performance arts, such as plays, operas and musicals, song lyrics, internet sources and various other texts. In addition, reference works, such as dictionaires of the Limburgish language and its dialects and references to academic research dealing with Limburgish are also made available on this site. These will form part of the open source compilation, to which everyone can contribute.

Through a critical review of some of the literature available, we have prepared a preliminary description of the history of Limburgish, its usage and its literature. We encourage other researchers to contact us and invite them to participate in this ongoing project.

This section of our site provides more information about who we are and the projects we are currently undertaking. The navigation bar on the left provides information about the various people involved in this project, as well as the ways in which you can contribute to some of our projects.