The methodology used for compiling the Limburgish word list for the dictionary project consists of a critical review of all written sources for words, quotes and expressions. Sources for our dictionary project include books, novels, poems, plays, operas, musicals, song lyrics, newspaper articles, websites and various academic articles that have all been written in the Limburgish language. For the first time, an open source compilation is being created, in order to prepare a comprehensive list of Limburgish works. Hundreds of works have already been added and we invite you to contribute to this growing list of titles in our open source compilation. We would especially like to thank Ms Leonie Robroek, Chair of the Stichting DOL (‘Foundation for Limburg Language Education’), and Mr P. Lardinois for making their collections available to us in this regard.

The Limburgish word list is compiled on the basis of published Limburgish sources, which includes internet sources. All words should originate from a published source, and the source itself must be provided as a reference. In adding words, quotes and expressions to the Limburgish word list, the spelling as used by the author must be maintained. Editors will then ensure that the spelling is in line with the official Limburgish orthography of 2003 and decide which items will be included in the master database.

A significant indicator of the vitality of our language is the increasing number of websites written in Limburgish. From Wikipedia to information about Limburg and its history, its language, current local events, carnival and numerous other issues – these are all expressed in Limburgish through the internet. We offer links to such sites, which can then be used as source material for our dictionary project and also provide an insight into contemporary Limburgish language use.

Many reference works on Limburgish, including dictionaries, have already been published. A fairly comprehensive list can be found in our open source compilation and many of these will be consulted for our dictionary project. Once again, we would like to express our gratitude to Ms Robroek, Chair of the Stichting DOL for her help in this regard.

Limburgish is the most-researched regional language within the Netherlands. Many books and articles have been published about various linguistic, social and historical aspects of the language. References to such research can also be found in our open source compilation.

This section of our site provides you with more information about how we work. The navigation bar on the left tells you more about our methodology and the various instruments we use for our projects. Here you will also find a link to the open source compilation, including resources such as texts written in Limburgish and on Limburgish. Please click here for more information and how to register if you would like to add to our open source compilation.